Welcome To Terminus

At Terminus, we align our best interests with our client’s best interests so we can build the trust that’s needed to have full discretion over managing someone’s life savings.  We help eliminate the anxiety and the emotion created when someone manages their own portfolio using the plethora of information at their fingertips.  Anxiety and emotion, or fear and greed, are two of the reasons why people can’t achieve their investment goals, but on the flip side, taking advantage of this is what allows us to make money for our clients. It’s very important for us to keep our clients informed about what we’re doing at all times and for them to understand our investment process.  Giving our clients this knowledge, and then them watching what we say come to fruition, is what builds the trust necessary in this business and allows our clients to not only concentrate on what’s most important in their lives, but it allows them to go to sleep at night knowing that their financial goals are being met.

Who Is Terminus

Our Company Mission
Our mission is twofold; 1) to provide superior risk adjusted investment returns and 2) reduce anxiety for all of our clients.
The Terminus Philosophy
Superior returns and stress free management so that you can get on with LIFE
The Terminus Promise
Our only interest is in serving our clients’ best interests.